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Japan and Taiwan to sign open skies agreement

5-Sep-2011 11:42 AM

Japan Interchange Association President Mitsuo Ohashi is scheduled to visit Taiwan and sign an open skies agreement on 22-Sep-2011 to liberalise bilateral commercial aviation exchanges between Japan and Taiwan according to a China Times report. Under the proposed new open skies agreement, Tokyo Haneda Airport will be open to flights between 22:00 and 07:00 and the number of flights to Tokyo Narita will be increased from 36 per week to 38, while restrictions to other Japanese and Taiwanese destinations, with the exception of Taipei Songshan Airport, will be lifted. Peach Aviation and Skymark Airlines are reportedly planning to commence services between Japan and Taiwan while TransAsia Airways, UNI Airways and Mandarin Airlines will be permitted to change their current charter services between Japan and Taiwan to regular scheduled services. Far Eastern Air Transport, which has not received approval to operate on the sector, will also be permitted to enter the Japanese market. Taiwan’s Civil Aeronautics Administration Planning Director Cheng Jiali stated the new open skies agreement could come into effect as early as 30-Oct-2011.