19-May-2011 11:34 AM

JAL Group operating profit reaches USD2.3bn in FY2011

JAL Group reported (18-May-2011) an operating profit of JPY188.4 billion (USD2.3 billion) on the back of an operating revenue of JPY1362 billion (USD16.7 billion) for the 12 months ended 31-Mar-2011. Details are as follows:

  • Operating revenue: USD16,687 million, n/a year-on-year;
    • Japan Airlines: USD13,949 million;
  • Operating profit: USD2308 million, n/a;
  • Total assets: USD14,779 million;
  • Total net assets: USD2673 million;
  • Interest-bearing debt: USD5929 million. [more]

* Based on the conversion rate USD1 = JPY81.635