13-Mar-2013 2:48 PM

Irish air traffic down 5% in Feb-2013, traffic to increase over next 7 years

Irish Aviation Authority reported (12-Mar-2013) total flights in Irish airspace fell 5.3% year-on-year in Feb-2013 with an average of 1227 daily services during the month and the busiest day being 22-Feb-2013 with 1369 flights. There was a decline of 6.9% in Ireland’s en route traffic movements in Feb-2013. Similarly, North Atlantic Communications flights fell 7.2%. Traffic at Irish airports are as follows:

  • Dublin Airport: -1.6%, with an average of 382 commercial daily movements;
  • Cork Airport: -2.1%, with an average of 49 commercial daily movements;
  • Shannon Airport: -17%, with an average of 44 commercial daily movements. [more - original PR]

The aviation authority stated while 2013 is forecast to be a challenging year for Irish air traffic figures, the outlook for the seven year period is for an average of 2.5% growth p/a up to 2019, according to the latest air traffic forecast published by EUROCONTROL.