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Iran Airlines files complaints in The Hague about fuel supply in Europe

1-Nov-2010 2:38 PM

Iran Airlines MD Farhad Parvaresh criticised fuel suppliers for refusing to fuel Iranian passenger planes at some European airports (Gulf Today, 31-Oct-2010). He added that the suppliers are currently suffering huge losses and have requested their own governments to permit them to sell fuel to Iranian passenger aircraft. He added that prohibiting the fuel suppliers to fuel Iranian passenger jets is counter to international conventions. The Islamic republic has filed complaints for international arbitration and the issue has been taken to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.  Mr Parvaresh added that Iran Air has already started legal action against the companies (Islamic Republic News Agency, 30-Oct-2010).

Iran Airlines: "The suppliers are under huge financial pressure and most of them are dissatisfied with the current circumstances," Farhad Parvaresh, MD. Source: Gulf Today, 31-Oct-2010).