31-Mar-2010 10:48 AM

International passenger traffic up 9.5% in Feb-2010 - IATA

IATA reports (30-Mar-2010) the following total international traffic growth by region in Feb-2010:

  • Passenger traffic (RPKs): +9.5% year-on-year;
  • Passenger load factor: 75.5%;
    • Africa: 65.3%;
    • Asia Pacific: 78.5%;
    • Europe: 74.6%;
    • Latin America: 77.2%:
    • Middle East: 73.8%;
    • North America: 75.2%;
  • Cargo traffic (FTKs): +26.5%;
    • Africa: +36.5%;
    • Asia Pacific: +34.5%;
    • Europe: +7.2%;
    • Latin America: +41.9%;
    • Middle East: +33.1%
    • North America: +34.1%. [more][more - Perspective]

IATA: “Air travel and freight markets strengthened further in February, taking passenger kilometers flown (RPKs) to a level 9.5% higher than a year ago, and freight tonne kilometers flown (FTKs) to a level 26.5% higher. These are impressive upturns – and stronger than previously expected – but they are comparisons with virtually the lowest point in the travel and freight cycle at this time last year…We are moving in the right direction. In two to three months, the industry should be back to pre-recession traffic levels. This is still not a full recovery. The task ahead is to adjust to two years of lost growth,” Source: IATA statement, 30-Mar-2010.