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Indian DGCA suspends Kingfisher Airlines’ scheduled operator’s permit. Ceases ticket sales

22-Oct-2012 8:57 AM

India's Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA) suspended Kingfisher Airlines' 'Scheduled Operator’s Permit' on 20-Oct-2012. The suspension is in effect until such time as the carrier submits a "concrete and reliable revival plan ensuring safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable Scheduled Air Transport Services to the satisfaction of DGCA". The DGCA decided to suspend the Airline’s permit after examining the airline’s reply to the show-cause notice issued by it on 05-Oct-2012 and finding it to be unsatisfactory. DGCA observed that Kingfisher Airlines has not addressed any of the issues raised during a meeting held with the airline 01-Oct-2012 and the points raised in the show cause notice. The carrier was asked to submit an operational preparedness plan for a resumption of flight operations. Instead, they have sought more time to file a reply to the show cause notice, without indicating any timeframe for submitting a detailed response.  [more - original PR]

Kingfisher announced it has stopped taking forward bookings and reservations following the suspension of its operating licence (Business Today, 20-Oct-2012). The airline will not take bookings until it resumes operations.