25-Sep-2013 10:26 AM

IATA: Update to the outlook for the airline industry

IATA released (24-Sep-2013) an update to the outlook for the airline industry. The association noted the following industry highlights:

  • Airline financial performance is starting to improve, with better returns. Although these returns are still far from ‘normal';
  • Cash flows are up in US and Europe, but down in Asia. IATA expects a good year for US airlines, less so for Asian carriers;
  • The divergence in air travel and cargo growth rates continues. Revenues for the passenger business are good, but are challenging for cargo;
  • Loads factors are strong for passenger, but weak for cargo;
  • World trade is growing but only slowly, so air cargo prospects are slow to improve. The recent rise in export orders is a positive sign;
  • Industrial production in developed and emerging markets diverging;
  • Global business conditions are slowly improving. [more - original PR]