24-Feb-2011 8:54 AM

IATA reports aircraft accident rate lowest in history

IATA reported (23-Feb-2011) the 2010 global accident rate (measured in hull losses per million flights of Western-built jet aircraft) was 0.61, making the year’s accident rate for Western-built jet aircraft the lowest in aviation history. The accident rate in 2009 was 0.71. The accident rate has been cut 42% from the rate recorded in 2001. 

Aviation safety highlights for 2010:

  • 2.4 billion people flew safely on 36.8 million flights (28.4 million jet, 8.4 million turboprop);
  • 17 hull loss accidents involving Western-built jet aircraft compared with 19 in 2009;
  • 94 accidents (all aircraft types, Eastern and Western built) compared to 90 in 2009;
  • 23 fatal accidents (all aircraft types) compared with 18 in 2009;
  • 786 fatalities compared with 685 in 2009.

Western-built jet hull loss accident rate by region: