18-Aug-2009 11:12 AM

Global airlines report first month of capacity growth in Aug-2008 - OAG

OAG revealed (17-Aug-2009) that capacity cuts by the world's airlines are showing marginal growth in Aug-2009, the first month of positive growth since Sep-2008. According to OAG, the world’s airlines reported a 0.2% year-on-year growth in seat capacity in Aug-2009, while frequencies remain down, by 2% in Aug-2009. The low cost sector reported a 2% increase in capacity and frequencies for the month, accounting for 18.2% and 21.8% of total global frequencies and seat capacity, respectively. Details include:

  • Within Asia: Scheduled services +6%, capacity +7%;
  • To/from Asia: -3%, -2%;
  • Within Middle East: +19%, +18%;
  • To/from Middle East: +13%, +14%;
  • Within Europe: -6%, -4%;
  • To/from Europe: stable;
  • Within North America: -6%, -6%;
  • To/from North America: -6%, -6%. [more]

OAG: "After a year of capacity cutbacks, it is encouraging to see positive numbers in the year on year comparisons.  August is traditionally one of the busiest months for air travel, and it will be interesting to see if the steady upward trend we have seen since May continues once the summer vacation season draws to a close,” David Beckerman, Vice President OAG Market Intelligence. Source: OAG, 14-Jul-2009.