15-Oct-2010 11:44 AM

Global airline ancillary revenue to reach USD22.6bn in 2010: Amadeus

Amadeus and IdeaWorks jointly released (14-Oct-2010) their preliminary report on airline ancillary revenues for 2010, which shows global airline ancillary revenues are expected to surge to USD22.6 billion in 2010 as airlines begin to use high-yield travel agency channels to sell their ancillary services. It also reported the following airline revenue estimates for 2010:

  • Total airline operating revenue: USD473.6 billion;
    • Major US airlines: USD92.6 billion;
    • LCCs: USD66.2 billion;
    • Traditional airlines: USD295.4 billion;
  • Total airline ancillary revenue: USD22.6 billion;
    • Major US airlines: USD6.7 billion;
    • LCCs: USD3.6 billion;
    • Traditional airlines: USD8.5 billion. [more]