9-Nov-2011 12:41 PM

Finnair passenger numbers up in Oct-2011, load factor down

Finnair reports (08-Nov-2011) the following traffic highlights in Oct-2011:

  • Passenger numbers: 701,100, +7.2% year-on-year;
  • Passenger load factor: 73.7%, -3.9 ppts;
    • Domestic: 49.5%, -3.0 ppts;
    • Europe: 68.1%, +2.2 ppts;
    • North America: 83.4%, -3.0 ppts;
    • Asia Pacific: 77.2%, -8.6 ppts;
  • Cargo volume: 13,324 tonnes, +8.5%. [more – original PR]

Finnair: “In October, growth in business travel demand in Europe slowed down markedly. It is particularly alarming that the impact of global economic uncertainty has started to show in demand in Asia. Load factors declined in nearly all traffic categories due to an unstable economic situation and the overall load factor decreased by nearly 4% year-on-year,” CFO, Erno Hildén. Source: Company statement, 08-Nov-2011.