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European Commission optimising the use of European airspace

26-Mar-2010 9:50 AM

European Commission adopted (25-Mar-2010) rules on how to manage the flow of air traffic in order to optimise available capacity in the use of airspace. This new regulation is an important step in implementing the EU network manager foreseen in the second package of measures of the Single European Sky. The new legislation makes mandatory the procedures for flight planning and for the use of available airspace capacity during all phases of the flight. It also improves the consistency between flight plans and airport slots through a better exchange of information between the airport bodies and air traffic flow managers. [more]

European Commission: “The safety and capacity in our skies depend on the use of transparent and efficient rules that will provide a flexible and timely management of air traffic flows at European level and will optimise the use of air routes,” Siim Kallas, Vice-President responsible for mobility and transport. Source: European Commission, 25-Mar-2010.