30-Dec-2010 8:40 AM

European airports return to normal service

European airports had largely returned to normal operations by 29-Dec-2010, although some UK airports cancelled flights due to fog:

  • Jersey Airport announced (29-Dec-2010) a number of flights were cancelled or delayed for the day due to adverse fog conditions in Jersey and the UK; [more]
  • Southampton Airport stated it also cancelled a number of flights for the day due to fog (Daily Echo, 29-Dec-2010). Some passengers were transferred to other airports, while others had their flights rescheduled;
  • Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo confirmed (29-Dec-2010) they have returned to normal flight operations to/from Frankfurt Airport, as the weather situation at Frankfurt Airport has stabilised significantly in the past few days. Normal freight delivery is now possible. [more]
  • Kiev Boryspil Airport announced (28-Dec-2010) it continues to operate as normal, notwithstanding severe weather events. [more]