25-Sep-2013 3:29 PM

Etihad Airways open to more equity investments

Etihad Airways president and CEO James Hogan said (24-Sep-2013) the airline will consider more equity investments if they add value. The carrier is currently engaged in the acquisition of 24% of Jet Airways, a 49% stake and management contract with Air Serbia and increasing equity in Virgin Australia from 10% to a target of 19.9%. Mr Hogan said, "Global reach is beyond the capacity of any single airline. Progress must come through partnership. The investments we are making are delivering significant benefits not only to the airlines but to our passengers and freight customers. Equity investments deliver synergy benefits which cannot be achieved through legacy airline alliances. Legacy alliances are focused largely on network and revenue benefits. Our equity alliance delivers much broader benefits for all of the partners including opportunities to reduce costs through resource sharing and joint procurement." [more - original PR]