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Emerging markets and LCCs leading the recovery in the aerospace industry: AerCap

9-Nov-2009 11:36 AM

AerCap Holdings CEO, Klaus Heinemann, stated emerging markets, including China and Brazil, and the LCC segment, are leading recovery in the aerospace industry (Reuters, 09-Nov-2009). Mr Heinemann added that he is optimistic that airlines would make it through the upcoming Northern Winter.

AerCap: "While globally I think we're treading water at the moment, we are no longer declining… We still expect the broader recovery to be underway in 2010, particularly if the possibility of seeing significant passenger growth in 2010 materialises… I'm much more optimistic now that we will be able to get through this recession with a significantly smaller number of bankruptcies than many people would have anticipated earlier this year,” Klaus Heinemann, CEO. Source: Reuters, 09-Nov-2009.