22-Jan-2010 1:09 PM

easyJet has sufficient resources to fund aircraft deliveries up to Jun-2011

easyJet stated (21-Jan-2010) it took delivery of nine A319s and returned three B737s to lessors in the three months ended 31-Dec-2009, adding it has sufficient resources, including GBP1,086 million in cash and equivalents as at 31-Dec-2009, to fund future aircraft deliveries through to Jun-2011. The carrier’s fleet plans are as follows:

  • At 30-Sep-2009: Total of 181 aircraft;
  • At 31-Dec-2009*: 187;
  • At 30-Sep-2010: 192;
  • At 30-Sep-2011: 196;
  • At 30-Sep-2012: 207. [more]

*Includes four A321 held for sale which are expected o be sold by 30-Sep-2010