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EADS in talks with Mubadala Development Company

16-Nov-2009 12:58 PM

EADS CEO, Louis Gallois, stated it is in talks with Mubadala Development Company to attract investments in manufacturing in Europe (Emirates Business 24|7, 16-Nov-2009).

EADS: "We are in discussions with Mubadala on investments in Europe in the field of our activities. And we also want to attract more investment from Dubai. As for the Europe investment, we are talking to Mubadala only in the civilian field for the time being. We are increasing our footprint in Europe, as well as increasing our production…. We are discussing with Mubadala for possible investments in Europe, but I do not want to elaborate on it at this point," Louis Gallois, CEO. Source: Emirates Business 24|7, 16-Nov-2009.