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Dubai Airports will not constrain growth, plans to pursue its expansion

1-Feb-2010 1:26 PM

Dubai Airports CEO, Paul Griffiths, confirmed plans to pursue its expansion plans and spend “billions of Dirham”, to avoid constraints on the airport’s growth (Bloomberg, 01-Feb-2010). Mr Griffiths added aviation contributes to up to 25% of the UAE’s economy. Dubai Airports aims to increase passenger numbers by 13.6% year-on-year in 2010 to 46 million passengers. Passenger traffic grew 9.2% year-on-year in 2009 to 40.9 million passengers. The airport operator plans to increase capacity of Dubai International Airport from 60 million passengers p/a to 75 million passengers p/a by 2012. Capacity will reportedly eventually be expended to 97 million passengers p/a, while the upcoming Al Maktoum International Airport at Jebel Ali will eventually have capacity to handle 120 million passengers p/a.

Dubai Airports:
Dubai's vision, attitude towards airport infrastructure is that if you constrain, the growth will go elsewhere. So we are not going to constrain that growth,” Paul Griffiths, CEO. Source: Bloomberg, 01-Feb-2010.