31-Mar-2011 11:02 AM

Delta expects short-term decline in Japan; long-term demand to pick-up

Delta Air Lines president Ed Bastian stated that while the carrier expects to see a decline in demand to Japan over the next few months, it expects increased demand as the country rebuilds (Business Travel News, 30-Mar-2011). The carrier is reducing up to 20% of its capacity to/from Japan through May-2011.

Delta Air Lines: "Over the next two to three months, we will undoubtedly see some fairly significant drop-off in demand and drop-off in booking. We also expect over the balance of the year, as the country rebuilds, as the government brings the money to pour into the economy and attract business and get the economy moving and the rebuilding effort underway, there is going to be a fairly significant demand pickup. Our expectations at the present time is that this is somewhere between a six-to-nine-month one-time event," Ed Bastian, President. Source: Business Travel News, 30-Mar-2011.