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Delta CEO criticises US DoT for slot decision; calls for further deregulation of US aviation

15-Feb-2010 1:15 PM

Delta Air Lines CEO, Richard Anderson, called for further deregulation of the US aviation industry and criticised the US Department of Transportation’s decision to approve a takeoff and landing slot swap between the carrier and US Airways with conditions that require the carriers to surrender 14 pairs of slots at Washington Regan National and 20 pairs at New York La Guardia (Business Courier of Cincinnati/Associated Press, 12-Feb-2010). Under the terms of the agreement arranged in Aug-2009, US Airways would transfer 125 operating slot pairs to Delta at LaGuardia, while Delta would transfer 42 slot pairs to US Airways at Washington.

Delta Air Lines: "Our industry needs to be deregulated. The DOT should not be a handicapper or picker of who wins or loses in the marketplace," Richard Anderson, CEO. Source: Associated Press, 12-Feb-2010.