15-Aug-2011 11:38 AM

Delta Air Lines announces Asia Pacific winter 2011 operational changes

Delta Air Lines announced the following Asia Pacific winter 2011 operational changes, as per a 13-Aug-2011 GDS timetable display (Airline Route, 13-Aug-2011):

  • Amsterdam-Mumbai: A330-300 equipment will replace B767-300ER equipment between 29-Oct-2011 and 24-Mar-2012. Service from the US originates in Atlanta, replacing Newark;
  • Atlanta–Shanghai Pudong: Twice weekly B777-200LR service;
  • Atlanta–Tokyo Narita: B777-200ER equipment to replace B777-200LR equipment between 29-Oct-2011 and 24-Mar-2012; 
  • Detroit-Beijing: Frequency will be reduced from five to four times weekly from 03-Oct-2011 to 24-Mar-2011. From 29-Oct-2011 to 24-Mar-2012, B777-200LR equipment will replace B777-200ER equipment;  
  • Detroit–Hong Kong: From 25-Aug-2011 to 24-Mar-2011, frequency will be reduced from five to four times weekly, with service to be operated with B777-200LR equipment; 
  • Detroit–Seoul Incheon: Five times weekly service to be operated with a mix of B777-200ER/200LR equipment;  
  • Detroit–Shanghai Pudong: From 29-Oct-2011 to 23-Mar-2011, B777-200LR equipment will replace B747-400 equipment; 
  • Detroit–Tokyo Haneda: Service cancelled between 31-Aug-2011 and 25-Apr-2012; 
  • HonoluluNagoya: Winter service will commence from 30-Oct-2011, with four times weekly service, to increase to daily frequency from 01-Jan-2012. B767 equipment will be operated on the sector; 
  • Los Angeles–Tokyo Haneda: A330-300 equipment will replace B777-200ER equipment between 30-Oct-2011 and 24-Mar-2012;  
  • Los Angeles–Tokyo Narita: B777-200LR equipment will replace A330-300 equipment between 01-Oct-2011 and 28-Oct-2011;
  • MinneapolisTokyo Narita: B777-200ER replacing B747-400 equipment;
  • Portland OR–Tokyo Narita: Between 01-Oct-2011 and 23-Mar-2011, frequency will be reduced from daily to five times weekly, with the exception of the period between 18-Dec-2011 and 08-Jan-2012; 
  • San Francisco–Tokyo Narita: From 01-Oct-2011 to 29-Feb-2012, frequency is being reduced from daily to five times weekly, with the exception of the period between 19-Dec-2011 and 08-Jan-2012; 
  • Seattle–Beijing: Between 03-Oct-2011 and 23-Mar-2012, frequency will be reduced from five to four times weekly, with B767-300ER equipment being deployed on the sector; 
  • Seattle–Osaka Kansai: Between 31-Oct-2011 and 25-Feb-2012, service will be operated with four times weekly frequency, a reduction from daily service in winter 2010;  
  • Tokyo NaritaBangkok: Planned B767-300ER service in Oct-2011 is cancelled. A330-300 continues operation;
  • Tokyo Narita–Hong Kong: From 30-Sep-2011, B777-200ER equipment will replace B7777-200LR equipment. This replacement was previously scheduled from 30-Oct-2011; 
  • Tokyo Narita–Singapore: A330-200 replaced by B777-200LR equipment between 01-Oct-2011 and 29-Oct-2011 and by B777-300ER equipment between 29-Oct-2011 and 24-Mar-2011;
  • Tokyo Narita–Taipei: A330-200 equipment will replace B747-400 equipment between 30-Oct-2011 and 24-Mar-2012. B757 equipment was deployed on the route in winter 2010.