24-Mar-2010 11:53 AM

Cochin International Airport reports sharp rise in FY2009 revenue and profit

India’s Cochin International Airports Ltd (CIAL) revenue up 25.2% - financial highlights for the 12 months ended 31-Mar-2009:

  • Total revenue: USD38.3 million, +25.2% year-on-year;
    • Operating revenue: USD18.3 million, +8.2%;
    • Sale of duty free goods: USD14.1 million, +52.7%;
  • Total costs: USD19.3 million, +27.7%;
  • Profit before interest and depreciation: USD18.9 million, +22.8%;
  • Profit before tax: USD15.2 million, +34.5%;
  • Profit after tax: USD13.1 million, +26.8%. [more]

*Based on the conversion rate at USD1 = INR45.23

The airport expects revenue and profit to reach USD44.2 million and USD22.1 million, respectively, in FY2010 (The Hindu, 23-Mar-2010).