8-Mar-2010 2:08 PM

Cimber Sterling pax up 25% in Feb-2010, Jan-2010 yield plummets 39%

Cimber Sterling passenger numbers up 25% - traffic highlights in Feb-2010:

  • Passenger numbers: 174,334, +25% year-on-year;
  • Load factor: 65%, +8 ppts;
  • Yield:
  • Jan-2010: EUR 13.30 cents, -39%. [more]

*Base on the conversion rate at EUR1 = DKK7.44

Cimber Sterling: “The yield for Jan-2010 was DKK0.99, representing a 39% year-on-year decline. This performance covers a significant change in the product offering in the two comparative periods caused by a sharp decrease in the share of leisure traffic, which has a significantly lower yield than the other segments. The yield for the Leisure segment has increased by 26%. Moreover, he yield for Domestic dropped by 29%, which was partially offset by a 29 ppts load factor increase from 52% to 72%. The yield for the Regional segment dropped by 5%,” Company statement," Source: Cimber Sterling, 05-Mar-2010.