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Chinaese Air Force to introduce measures to ease flight delays

14-Jun-2011 2:43 PM

China’s Air Force announced plans to introduce measures to ease flight delays of civil aircraft by shifting flights during peak hours to less busy hours, extend the daily open time of the nation’s airspace as well as working with local governments to shorten the interval time between flights (Xinhua, 14-Jun-2011). The Air Force will also open six military airports for civilian use over the next five years. In 2010, the average delayed time of domestic flights was one hour, with air traffic control responsible for 26.1% of all delays, second to carrier operation and management, which accounted for 42.3% of all delays. China’s National Airspace Technology Focused Laboratory reported 9985 sq m of the nation’s airspace are available for use with 3195.3 sq m (32%) being used daily for civil aviation purposes and 2347.2 sq m (23.5%) being used daily for military purposes (Xinhua, 13-Jun-2011). Airspace used for temporary air routes accounts for 5.5% at 549.7 sq m.