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Central Japan International Airport Co operating profit up 25% in 1HFY2013

18-Nov-2013 5:13 PM

Japan’s Central Japan International Airport Co revenue up 6% - financial highlights for six months ended 30-Sep-2013:

  • Revenue: JPY23,021 million (USD233 million), +5.8% year-on-year;
  • Operating profit: JPY3138 million (USD32 million), +24.9%;
  • Net profit: JPY2011 million (USD20 million), +79.4%;
  • Total assets: JPY479,632 million (USD4853 million);
  • Total liabilities: JPY395,975 million (USD4006 million);
  • FY2013 forecast:
    • Revenue: JPY44,800 million (USD453 million);
    • Operating profit: JPY5100 million (USD52 million);
    • Net profit: JPY2500 million (USD25 million).

*Based on the average conversion rate at USD1 = JPY98.84