6-Sep-2010 11:30 AM

British Airways passenger numbers down 0.1% in Aug-2010

British Airways passenger numbers down 0.1% - traffic highlights for Aug-2010:

  • Passenger numbers: 3.15 million, -0.1%;
  • Passenger Load factor: 84.4%, -0.3 ppt;
    • UK/Europe: 82.2%, +1.7 ppt;
    • Trans-Atlantic: 86.7%, -1.3 ppt;
    • Asia Pacific: 86.2%, -0.1 ppt;
    • Africa and Middle East: 80.04%, +0.1 ppt;
  • Cargo traffic (FTKs): -0.7%. [more]

British Airways: "In August 2010 traffic, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres, fell by 2.9%. Passenger capacity,
measured in Available Seat Kilometres, was down 2.6% on August 2009. This resulted in a passenger load factor decrease of 0.3 points versus last year, to 84.4%. Traffic comprised a 1.4% decrease in premium traffic and a 3.1% decrease in non-premium traffic. The year-on-year reduction in premium traffic is due to promotional activity in the premium cabins last year. Market conditions remain as previously anticipated, with overall summer volumes slightly lower than the
peak levels seen last year and strong yield performance in both premium and non-premium,
" Company statement. Source: British Airways, 03-Sep-2010.