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British Airways Christmas strike cancelled; flights reopened. Unite to launch another strike ballot

21-Dec-2009 9:17 AM

British Airways stated (17-Dec-2009) it is "delighted" that the threat of a Christmas strike has been lifted by the High Court, with the carrier reopening flights that were restricted for new bookings. [more] Meanwhile, cabin crew union, Unite, has officially advised the carrier that it plans to launch another strike ballot “as soon as humanly possible”, with the possibility of a three-day strike to be held early in the New Year (The Times, 19-Dec-2009). Unite stated a strike is "highly likely" to occur if it cannot reach a settlement with the carrier over changes imposed on cabin crew staff. British Airways stated it plans to resume talks with the union to remove the possibility of the new strike in 2010.

British Airways: "Unite, while not ruling out a future appeal, is expected to move swiftly towards a fresh ballot, believing it to be the surest way to ensure members' voices are heard, so we will be concentrating on this and not a protracted legal process," Company Statement. Source: Reuters, 18-Dec-2009.