24-Jan-2012 9:14 AM

Bombardier Aerospace delivers 245 aircraft and receives 249 orders in 2011

Bombardier Aerospace reports (23-Jan-2012) it delivered 245 aircraft for the 11-month period to the end of Dec-2011, compared to 256 deliveries over the same period in 2010. Commercial aircraft deliveries were 78 aircraft, compared to 97 for the same period for the previous year. Bombardier received 249 aircraft orders, net of cancellations, compared to 201 orders, net of cancellations, for the previous fiscal year. The company received 54 net orders for commercial aircraft, compared to 93 for the previous fiscal year. Bombardier changed its financial year-end from 31 January to 31 December, effective 31-Dec-2011, reducing its fiscal year to 11 months. [more - original PR]