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Boeing selects South Carolina for second B787 production line

29-Oct-2009 10:51 AM

Boeing selected (28-Oct-2009) its recently acquired North Charleston (South Carolina) facility as the location for a second final assembly site for the B787 programme. In addition to serving as a location for final assembly of B787s, the facility also will have the capability to support the testing and delivery of the aircraft. Until the second B787 assembly line is operational in North Charleston, Boeing will establish transitional surge capability at its Everett (Washington) location to ensure the successful introduction of the B787-9. When the second line in Charleston is operating, the surge capability in Everett will be phased out. [more]

Boeing Commercial Airplanes: "Establishing a second 787 assembly line in Charleston will expand our production capability to meet the market demand for the airplane. We're taking prudent steps to protect the interests of our customers as we introduce the 787-9 and ramp up overall production to ten twin-aisle 787 jets per month," Jim Albaugh, President & CEO. Source: Boeing, 28-Oct-2009.