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Boeing: Multiple options still open for narrowbody programme

3-May-2011 11:29 AM

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney confirmed it is still considering options to redevelop its B737NG with new engines or develop an entirely new aircraft (AINonline, 02-May-2011). Boeing will have “a sharper view” on its ultimate approach to its narrowbody re-engining/replacement programme towards the end of 2011. Boeing's bias is towards developing an all-new narrowbody, with a projected service entry of 2019/20.

Boeing: “This is the year where we’ve got to harden up our plans to give our customers and our suppliers the direction they need, and this is all during 2011 … I think the logic goes that if you’re offering a new plane just a few years after your competitor is offering a re-engined plane, and you’re already continually improving what you’ve got, that step does not need to be taken. But all options remain on the table,” Jim McNerney, CEO. Source: AINonline, 02-May-2011.