10-Mar-2010 10:04 AM

Boeing maintains “very aggressive” B787 flight test programme

Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO, Jim Albuagh, stated that the manufacturer is currently building two B787s per month, increasing to 2.5 per month by Aug-2010 and ten per month by 2013 (StreetIndiser.com, 09-Mar-2010). Boeing has now expanded the flight test programme outside Washington State, with the second B787 test aircraft to operate from Victorville in California for the next three weeks. Boeing confirmed the fourth B787 test aircraft will enter the test flight programme at the end of this week and aims to operate the six test aircraft in the programme up to 90 hours per week by mid-2010 (AP, 09-Mar-2010). The manufacturer has maintained its late 2010 delivery target and will continue with a “very aggressive” flight test programme. [more - Boeing]