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BALPA secures settlement in Ryanair unfair dismissal case

23-Mar-2011 10:34 AM

British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) stated (22-Mar-2011) Captain James Anderson received a GBP40,000 settlement in the unfair dismissal claim against Ryanair.  Captain James Anderson filed an unfair dismissal claim after he was fired by Ryanair for “gross misconduct” following the incident. The case was settled prior to an employment tribunal hearing in London. Ryanair had said that Captain Anderson endangered passenger safety by handing the leaflets to flight attendants while the aircraft was en route from London Stansted to Majorca. BALPA said it planned to tell the tribunal that the aircraft was on autopilot, and that it was safe for the pilot to talk with crew (Bloomberg, 22-Mar-2011). Ryanair said it’s “very pleased” with the settlement, which was equivalent to less than one day of legal fees when it had expected the hearing to last three days.  [more - BALPA] [more - Ryanair]