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Aviation tax is 'causing a dramatic distortion of competition': airberlin outgoing CEO

19-Aug-2011 11:44 AM

airberlin outgoing CEO Joachim Hunold stated (18-Aug-2011) the aviation tax is "causing a dramatic distortion of competition. In relation to revenue, we have to pay almost four times as much as our largest competitor," he said. Whereas airberlin, with a revenue of EUR1.8 billion in 1H2011, had to pay approximately EUR74.4 million (4.1% of the revenue) of aviation tax, Mr Hunold stated its "largest competitor, with total revenue of EUR14.1 billion, only had to pay EUR162 million (1.15% of the revenue)". He continued: "The aviation tax together with the existing competitive pressure makes it impossible to, eg, pass on the increased kerosene price to the customers in its entirety. In order to prevent yet further damage to the already low-margin airline traffic in Germany, the aviation tax should be abolished as quickly as possible." [more]