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ATA reports falling pax revenue and cargo traffic

21-Aug-2009 9:39 AM

Air Transport Association of America (ATA) stated (20-Aug-2009) passenger revenue for selected airlines fell 21% year-on-year in Jul-2009, the ninth consecutive monthly decline, with the fall extending beyond the US to trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific and Latin America markets. The Association also stated cargo traffic, measured in cargo tonne miles, fell 15% in Jun-2009, the 11th consecutive monthly decline. [more]

ATA: "While the modest improvement in demand from June to July would normally be cause for cautious optimism, the fact is that the number of air travellers continues to fall despite double-digit declines in fares. Clearly, with the difficult economic environment, demand for air travel remains weak," James May, President & CEO. Source: ATA, 20-Aug-2009.