14-Oct-2009 10:54 AM

Ascend reports the following aircraft lease rate changes

Latest aircraft lease rate changes updates:

  • B767-300ER: Lease Rates Down (30-Sep-09) between 3% and 8% to between USD230,000 and USD485,000 (for year of build from 1986 to 2009);
  • B757-200: Lease Rates Down (29-Sep-09) between 3% and 5% to between USD120,000 and USD230,000 (for year of build from 1982 to 2004);
  • A330-200: Lease Rates Down (18-Sep-09) between 3% and 15% to between USD400,000 and USD700,000 (for year of build from 1997 to 2009);
  • B767-300ER: Lease rates have come down as the last of the heightened demand experienced before the decline is completely gone. Boeing 757-200 rates have been reduced marginally again since the start of the year as the market has slowed further. Airbus A330-200 lease rates have also eased based on market observations consistent with weakening demand in the Northern hemisphere low season.
  • Source: Ascend Worldwide

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