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Ascend reports latest narrowbody aircraft value changes

10-Feb-2010 11:39 AM

Ascend reports the following in-production aircraft market value changes that have occurred recently:

  • B737-900ER [06-Jan-10]: Down 12% (Year of Build Depending), Since the Change at the end of June 2009, now between USD34.00m and USD43.75m (YOB Range 2006 – 2010)
  • B737-800 [06-Jan-10]: Down between 5% and 7% (Year of Build Depending), Last Changed at the End of September 2009, now between USD20.70m and USD39.20m (YOB Range 1997 – 2010)
  • A321-200 [04-Jan-10]: Down between 12% and 14% (Year of Build Depending), Since the Change in Mid May 2009, now between USD20.40m and USD42.20m (YOB Range 1996 – 2010)
  • A320-200 [04-Jan-10]: Down between 5% and 11% (Year of Build Depending), Since the Change at the Start of July 2009, now between USD6.80m and USD37.80m (YOB Range 1988 – 2010)
  • Tomorrow: Widebody values. NB: All value changes are available on Ascend Online V1 Values