31-Dec-2009 9:49 AM

Ascend expecting "huge leaps in fleet growth" over the coming decade

Ascend stated (30-Dec-2009) emerging markets are expecting "huge leaps in fleet growth" over the coming decade, with Ascend providing the following forecasts for jet fleets by region:

  • Asia Pacific: Expected to increase by 78.4%, led by China, increasing its fleet share to 27% and matching Europe’s fleet size in ten years time;
  • Europe: European growth is expected to be 47%, driven by developing economies in Russia and central Europe;
  • North America: Expected to grow by a mere 4.7%, although it will still have the largest fleet in ten years time (a 30% share) and account for 26% of deliveries, second only to Asia/Pacific with 32%;
  • Middle East: High fleet growth is expected to be seen in the Middle East of 71%;
  • Latin America/Caribbean: Growth of almost 60%;
  • Africa: Expected to grow by just over 20% in the period.

Ascend added that, in particular, the regional jet fleets in emerging markets show exponential growth over the next ten years, with increases of 176.5% in Asia Pacific; 125.3% in the Middle East and 100% in Latin America and the Caribbean. [more]

Ascend: "The same number of seats are available to destinations in North America today as in 2000, but capacity within Asia Pacific; from Asia to the Middle East; and from Europe to the Middle East, has doubled...The forecasts for aircraft say one thing – Asia, with China and then India are leading the way. Over the next decade Brazil and Russia are also expected to grow significant fleets,” Eddy Pieniazek, Director of Consultancy. Source: Company Statement, 39-Dec-2009.