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ANA feels impact of Japan earthquake; outlook uncertain

29-Apr-2011 10:11 AM

ANA president and chief executive Shinichiro Ito stated that "future prospects for the Japanese economy are unpredictable given substantially higher oil prices, the uncertain outlook for global business, fluctuations in exchange rates and the impact of the March 11 earthquake" (Agence France-Presse/Dow Jones Newswire/Reuters/Wall Street Journal, 28-Apr-2011). The carrier declined to provide a forecast for the current fiscal year due to this uncertainty. ANA would continue flying to the region hit hard by the disaster to help with the reconstruction efforts, he said. The carrier returned to profit in the 12 months to 31-Mar-2011 but reported a narrowed loss in the Mar-2011 quarter despite plummeting demand for travel in the aftermath of the earthquake. The airline said the number of its domestic passengers from 11-Mar-2011 to 31-Mar-2011 slumped 27% year-on-year while international passengers declined 17%.