18-Feb-2011 10:02 AM

American sees more rebound in business travel to come

American Airlines VP Eastern Division Sales Jim Carter stated business travel is increasing, although there is more room to rebound (Reuters, 17-Feb-2011). Mr Carter stated the carrier expects "corporations will probably be most intrigued" with the carrier's New York JFK-Tokyo Haneda service, to be launched today (18-Feb-2011). The carrier stated (16-Feb-2011) it would be the first US airline to launch service between continental US and Haneda - see Route Changes Table for more information. American also said it was looking to expand its network in China. Mr Carter said the new Haneda service would make American's oneworld alliance "much more relevant" in Asia.

American Airlines: "We are seeing a nice improvement in overall demand that's correlating with the economy improving. No one's doing any high fives yet but we're certainly encouraged by the more recent trend," Jim Carter, VP Eastern Division Sales. Source: Reuters, 17-Feb-2011.