26-Jul-2011 1:00 PM

ALAFCO wants to settle claim against Wataniya Airways' parent

Aviation Lease & Finance Co (ALAFCO) Chairman Ahmad al-Zabin stated the company wants to settle a claim of USD70 million against Kuwait National Airlines Co, owner of Wataniya Airways, and “is still open to talks with them so we can reach an amicable solution” (Bloomberg, 25-Jul-2011). “We didn’t close any doors with Wataniya or Kuwait National Airlines and are still open to any suggestions," he added. Wataniya Airways halted operations in Mar-2011, two years after launching service. “There’s no change in our position since last month, there’s been no developments,” Kuwait National Airlines Chairman Abdulsalam al-Bahar said. “What we’ve announced to the general assembly meeting is that the conditions requested, we simply, financially and legally, can not meet. And Alafco knows that very well.”