16-Feb-2011 11:38 AM

Airports to fight for non-aeronautical revenues: ACI

ACI director general Angela Gittens announced that airports will soon face challenges in building non-aeronautical revenues (Aviation Business, 15-Feb-2011). Despite ACI’s strong forecast average growth of 4.1% p/a in passenger numbers, airports will still face difficulties. Ms Gittens stated that the policies of airlines and LCCs are having substantial affects on spending patterns in airports.

ACI: "The policies of airlines and LCCs are having impacts on airports and concessions: the one bag rule often includes duty free; weight restrictions discourage retail purchases; some LCCs won’t allow food and beverages to be carried on board; one US airline charges the passenger to take any hand carried bag into the cabin; LCCs look for cheap gates, which may be far from retail; airlines ask passengers to get out to the gate sooner, cutting into eating or purchasing time.” Angela Gittens, director general. Source: Aviation Business, 15-Feb-2011.