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Airlines have lost confidence in ash data: AEA

13-May-2010 8:36 AM

Association of European Airlines (AEA) reacted (12-May-2010) with disappointment at the statement by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in London (VAAC) that its modelling of volcanic ash is proven and internationally endorsed. The AEA stated more verification flights are needed to increase the accuracy of VAAC data and its members have lost confidence in the VAAC. The AEA says there is evidence that the current system is inappropriate, as the VAAC model provides a forecast of ash dispersion, and argues that the closure of airspace cannot be based merely on a forecast of ash presence. [more]

Association of European Airlines: “190,00 flights in European air space have shown no sign of any volcanic ashes on hull or engines. The VAAC cannot continue to rely on simulations; further verification flights are essential to increase the accuracy of the VAAC data. AEA airlines have lost confidence in the VAAC as a sufficiently robust and reliable data to be the only source of information for decisions on safety of air services. The French government recently used data from verification flights across its national air space, and data available from its meteorological offices, as basis for its own analysis and decisions. Other governments in Europe are likewise resorting to additional test flights and data to develop practicable solutions,” Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus, Secretary General. Source: AEA, 12-May-2010.