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Airbus plans to deliver 20 A380s in 2010, Emirates sees glitches being resolved

13-Jan-2010 11:13 AM

Airbus stated it plans to deliver 20 A380s in 2010, double the number delivered in 2009, and achieve a stable production rate of two aircraft per month from 2H2010 (Le Echos, 12-Jan-2010). Any cuts to A380 production in 2010 would occur in “small steps”, if necessary, according to Airbus CEO, Tom Enders (Bloomberg, 12-Jan-2010). Mr Enders also stated the A380 “will still be a financial liability of the company for years to come” and the aircraft’s cost situation requires significant improvement and the company will launch a major programme to lower production costs. Emirates President, Tim Clark, meanwhile stated he expects the manufacturer to have “ironed out” technical glitches in the A380 by the time it delivers the 40th aircraft, around mid-2010 (Bloomberg, 12-Jan-2010). Airbus delivered its 24th A380 in early 2010.