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Airbus expects Boeing customers to switch to A320neo

7-Jun-2011 11:38 AM
Airbus Executive VP Europe, Asia and Pacific Christopher Buckley, speaking at the IATA AGM, stated Airbus expects some Boeing customers to switch to A320neo (Bloomberg, 07-Jun-2011). All orders or commitments for the A320neo, to enter service from late 2015, have so far been from leasing firms. Mr Buckley stated Airbus has gained 332 orders and commitments for the aircraft and expects to complete the Paris Air Show this month with more than 500 orders.
Airbus: “We’re talking to a few customers who now fly the 737NG about the neo and I’d be very surprised if we don’t have at least one announcement from an airline currently operating the Boeing NG,” Christopher Buckley, Executive VP Europe, Asia and Pacific. Source: Bloomberg, 07-Jun-2011.