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Air Zimbabwe's striking pilots given ultimatum

13-Sep-2010 12:30 PM

Air Zimbabwe ordered (09-Sep-2010) approximately 40 striking pilots return to work in 24 hours or face legal disciplinary action (Xinhua/Reuters/AFP/All Africa, 10/11-Sep-2010). The pilots went on strike on 08-Sep-2010 demanding payment of their salary and allowances which were cut off in Feb-2009. The pilots claim they were being paid USD1,200 rather than their full salaries of USD2,500. The carrier has begun hiring aircraft and pilots from South African private airline Quaries, to cover its schedules.

Air Zimbabwe: "My pilots have got genuine issues of concern but what I disagree with is they can never be genuine to cause us to stop working because every time that we stop working ... especially when it's to do with requiring to pay either more or what we are owed, every time that we stop operating we are reducing our ability to make that payment," CEO, Peter Chikumba. Source: Xinhua, 11-Sep-2010.