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Air Transport Association urges U.S. climate negotiators to oppose climate change tax

2-Nov-2009 8:13 AM

Air Transport Association of America (ATA) urged (30-Oct-2009) US climate negotiators to strongly oppose the 'International Air Passenger Adaption Levy', claiming it is an "exorbitant new climate change tax" which would would single out aviation to raise USD10 billion per year for climate-change projects to be built in developing countries. [more]

Air Transport Association of America:The proposed tax would unfairly and unreasonably target one industrial sector, a sector that has a tremendous fuel and greenhouse gas efficiency record, to the detriment of the economy... this hefty new tax would be counterproductive, siphoning away to the developing countries the very funds that the U.S. airlines need to continue to invest in new aircraft, retrofits, alternative fuel and other upgrades... We should not be considered a piggy bank for developing countries,” James C May, President & CEO. Source: ATA, 30-Oct-2009.