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Air traffic controllers concerned about 'blind spots' at LAX

15-Nov-2010 12:53 PM

US' Los Angeles International Airport stated technology such as radar, video cameras and laser-guided docking systems will compensate for a perceived blind spot caused by terminal remodelling (UPI/Los Angeles Times, 13-Nov-2010). Air traffic controllers have complained that the USD1.5 billion remodelling of the Tom Bradley International Terminal will block the view of staff in the control tower.

National Air Traffic Controllers Association: "Basically, they will create a giant billboard in the middle of the seventh-busiest airport in the world. The backside of the terminal will have a bunch of new gates. We won't be able to see any of them. It is the same for the ramps and taxiways. We need to see airplanes or things slow down or become more difficult," Mike Foote, Chapter President. Source: UPI, 13-Nov-2010.

Los Angeles World Airports: "There are no blind spots when you factor in the enhanced technology now available to airports and control towers. The phrase 'blind spot' is obsolete," Mike Molina, Deputy Executive Director. Source: Los Angeles Times, 13-Nov-2010.