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Air Jamaica-Caribbean partnership a 'win-win': CEO

17-Jun-2010 11:37 AM

Caribbean Airlines CEO, Ian Brunton, stated he is confident the partnership between Caribbean Airlines and Air Jamaica will "unite the Caribbean people" (Jamaica Observer, 16-Jun-2010). Mr Brunton added that the alliance between the airlines "allows us to defend against aggression by mega-carriers and other alliance airlines".

Caribbean Airlines: "It marked a beginning of a new day in Caribbean aviation that many had struggled for decades. The union of these two airlines is a win-win product ... The common problem suffered by airlines of the Caribbean is lack of critical mass. Airlines need huge sums of cash to exist and our islands simply cannot afford their own carrier. The only answer for them is consolidation. This is what we are doing together," Ian Brunton, CEO. Source: Jamaica Observer, 16-Jun-2010.