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Air India’s problems at Delhi’s T3 continue

15-Nov-2010 11:07 AM

Air India stated it is working to resolve staff shortage issues at its New Delhi base (Hindustan Times, 14-Nov-2010). Air India staff at New Delhi must handle operations across the airport’s five terminals, including an increased schedule at Delhi’s new T3. Over the past two weeks, the airline has operated 1500 services from Delhi, of which more than 1000 have been delayed. Many problems have arisen, including lost baggage. Air India stated it is interviewing experienced candidates to commence work immediately.

CCO Gustav Baldauf stated that he did not expect certain problems during dry runs, which he described as "successful" (Indian Express, 14-Nov-2010). Mr Baldauf said: "Air India is the first mover so it is the first tester of systems in place. Sometimes there are advantages, and sometimes there are disadvantages (of being the first mover). I admit we may have been little bit too optimistic."