30-Sep-2010 1:03 PM

Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates express interest in Africa

Air France, Lufthansa and Emirates have all recently expressed interest in expanding in Africa (Sapa-AFP, 28-Sep-2010). Lufthansa stated it expects passenger numbers in the continent to rise 6% p/a between now and 2025, “opening some very promising prospects” for the carrier. Lufthansa operates to 38 African destinations and plans to launch more. It increased Nigerian capacity by 40% in 2009. Emirates France CEO, Jean-Luc Grillet, commented that a weakening in French influence in Africa has opened up the continent’s commercial airline market. Air France has launched a new campaign in Africa. The carrier operates to 48 African destinations.

Lufthansa: “The economically dynamic regions of west and central Africa constitute a development priority for the Lufthansa network,” Spokesperson. Source: Sapa-AFP, 28-Sep-2010.